Cuddle-up for Valentine’s Day Vacations

September 12, 2019 | Travel Tips

Love birds, with Valentine’s Day on its way, get ready to be on your fantasy flights, and brim your hearts with delight. Though, greeting card, chocolate box, and bouquet are sweet, plan a romantic trip to sweep your loved one off their feet. Say hello to travel journalist Jill Starley-Grainger, as she bares her heart on romantic travels in a Heathrow Express article. If she manages to fuel your passions and you get itchy heels, avail the services of Heathrow Hotel and Parking, and off you go.

The Bumps on Romantic Vacations

Cuddle-up for Valentine’s Day Vacations

The author with humor in her heart has revealed some of the bumps she faced on her otherwise ideal romantic endeavors. On a trip to New Zealand, she unknowingly arranged for a bungee jump for her boyfriend, to take a plunge in romance from dizzy heights not knowing that scaling heights was not in his books. Then, at a private dinner on the beach in the Caribbean their bread rolls were tossed by a tropical storm.

The article went to mention other goof-ups that came her way. At Italy after lavish dinner in the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant the couple went to their room, and saw rose petals strewn over their bed, dozens of scented candles surrounded the bathtub, and more rose petals floated over the bubbles. But for the anti-climax part, neither of them wanted a bath, and the scented candles were too much for her nostrils. Adding to their agony were the petals staining the sparklingly white duvet.

Ideal Romantic Vacation

Cuddle-up for Valentine’s Day Vacations


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Though, it is not always that you have romantic failures on your vacations. Most couples take is as an ideal way to say goodbye to their daily chores and hello to some great timeouts. The article mentions, Luxury travel agent Kuoni surveyed 2,000 Brits last year and their definition of ideal vacation meant a dream honeymoon with sun-soaking days, books, and high-action activities.

The author describes some of the magical romantic moments as a stroll at sunset along the Indian Ocean in South Africa; the delightful moments at the backstreet bar in Bangkok, sipping an exotic cocktail; a natural delight at the waterfall sight at a Norwegian fjord. Author explains some moments that money can’t buy. One of which was on her recent trip to Tokyo, when her hubby sprung a surprise visiting a cat café. Being a pet lover, it was her turn to fall head-over-heels.

Cuddle-up for Valentine’s Day Vacations

Then to return the favor, on their trip to San Francisco she availed the services of a private concierge. She made them known that her hubby had passion for Hitchcock films, and they dug out a local company who churned out an out-of-world experience.

Further, the breakfasted at the fascinating Fairmont, whose exteriors found their way in scenes from Vertigo, and went all-out exploring the Hitchcock’s San Francisco, ending up with a drive over Golden Gate Bridge.


She sums up that notwithstanding the various goof-ups on her various romantic timeouts, the rare romance winning vacation was the one at San Francisco, and the one where she looked-up for the interests of her partner rather than for herself.

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