10 Tips For Successful Cruise

10 Tips For Successful Cruise

– Choosing the boat you want and not just the route. It is a common mistake of first holiday cruise, which look almost exclusively visited destinations while the type of vessel is critical because it determines the mood and atmosphere of your trip. If you’re the type who enjoy quiet reading, relaxing on bridges etc. and you choose a ship with a very lively party atmosphere for 7 days you’ll be unhappy! So take the time to inform you about the cruise lines and different boats.

Tips For Successful Cruise

– Reserve early! There are 2 ways to get a good price for a cruise: sooner or book at the last minute. The major difference is that reserving sooner you will have the choice of cabin but also the choice of ship. The so-called book early is usually 3-6 months in advance and the reductions are approximately 30-50% on prices published brochure.

– Choose the best cabin that you can pay! Many believe, wrongly, that the choice of cabin does not matter because we spend little time inside, but you must consider a few important points anyway: a cabin without window implies full black 24/24, type bed is also to consider several cabins have beds that you can paste but some vessels (older) beds are fixed to the ground, therefore, impossible to move. Most cabins have a small base shower, so if you take a bath is essential remember to consider in making your choice category cabin. Finally, if you can afford it, pay yourself the luxury of a cabin with balcony, not only the romantic side and private admire the different landscapes parade in front of you every day you like, but you can leave the doors open and you fall asleep to the sound of waves in the evening ….

– Remember to make a list of things to bring with you on a trip: provision of films, batteries, sunscreen, shampoo, chips, chocolate preferred etc. on the ship because all these products are much more expensive and the choice is often limited.

Tips For Successful Cruise

– Consider always the possibility that your luggage is lost or delayed, not that this unfortunate event does not disturb too early your trip, consider using your hand luggage bag as a matter of urgency. Drag them a bathing suit, shorts, t-shirt, underwear and of course any medication. Finally, take out travel insurance that covers losses, delays and damage to luggage, you never know when it can serve you.

– Avoiding files: if there are excursions (the list is usually included in your travel documents) that you absolutely want to do, do not hesitate to book in advance of your departure (available on most cruise companies) and so avoid the race at the registration desk once on board. For reservations for spa treatments or specialty restaurants, make the first day aboard the boat in order not to lose too much time and have a better chance of having the hours and days that suit you.

– How to save money on trips? Take time to read the description, evaluate whether the price is worth the trip. Prefer excursions outside the regular tour as a helicopter canopy, swim with dolphins etc. Another suggestion: see if other people on the boat would be interested in doing the same trip that you: eg visiting a village/city/attraction, you could then take a bus and you rend rent yourself instead agreed and thus separate the cost of transport. Important note, if you go by yourself, make sure you come back at the ship because if you miss everything is at your expense!

– Do not forget to mention if there is a significant event to your agent: Honeymoon, wedding anniversary, birthday, etc. Several cruise companies have special packages and small thoughts for these precious moments then enjoy!

– Tips: they are always let your discretion and you should never feel obliged to give a certain amount. Your travel documents will include a leaf tip example of which could be submitted at the end of your cruise. In general we consider first the server in the dining room, and suitor / proposed the cabin. If a person you gave exemplary service during your cruise please do not stress.

– As a couple, but never alone? Either at the time of booking or at the time of registration, you will be asked to choose (again on some cruise line) if you prefer the 1st or 2nd service in the dining room: take the time to specify any request ” special kind of allergies, preferably table (4-6-8). If you are a honeymoon, ask if you can get a table at two places a few more discreet for couples: the hot tub at night under the stars, when the boat stops at a port remain on board.

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