Skin Whitening To Avoid During Pregnancy

One of the most beautiful times in life for a woman is pregnancy. The time during the nine months a woman is pregnant are not only beautiful, but can also be a time when the body of the woman is extremely sensitive to many different compounds. The doctor may offer restrictions for the use of many different kinds of skin care products, makeup, chemical products and medications. Skin bleaching can also be one of these delicate issues for pregnant women. Most of the products sold on the market consist of possibly harmful chemicals requiring high precaution as there are some products for skin whitening to avoid during pregnancy.

Skin Whitening To Avoid During Pregnancy

While not all of the products offering skin whitening are harmful during pregnancy for either the baby or the woman, some of the ointments, creams and pills are not recommended for women that are pregnant or those who have given birth in the past few months. Hydroquinone is one substance often used in skin whitening products that should be avoided by these women. The substance has been banned in Africa and the European Union. Although still on the market in the United States, the use is uncertain, as it has been banned and then rereleased. Even though the substance may be considered safe for certain people, the effects on pregnant women and their forming babies is very damaging. There have been reports of serious malformation of babies along with additional darkening of the skin of the mother. This product is to be avoided by all pregnant women due to the risk it can cause to the baby and the fact that it may have the opposite effect of the purpose for which it was purchased.

Even so, while not all the products for skin whitening have proven to be dangerous for one’s health it is a good idea to refrain from using too many of these substances, especially when pregnant. The changes in hormones associated with pregnancy can cause extreme sensitivity when a woman is pregnant, requiring that she pay more attention to what is used on the body. Use of aggressive substances offering bleaching can cause the skin to darken further as well as damage tissue beyond repair, something that no one would want. Instead of these possibly problem substances, women may want to consider natural treatments that work.

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When choosing skin care products, natural ingredients are best. For a cheap, safe and all natural treatment that offers skin whitening click here. These recipes offer some of the best recipes for natural spot removal. Brown spots can be removed quickly and easily, using materials that cause no side effects or discomfort. There are also recommendations for women who are pregnant.

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