Romantic Locations in Paris You Should Visit

September 25, 2019 | Tour To Paris

Visiting some of the most romantic places in Paris would surely be something worthwhile to do. Paris is the only city which would surely be able to give the true essence of romance. Its splendor would surely make you rekindle the flame of love and relive the most romantic days of your life. If you are up for a view that is breathtaking and truly romantic, you should not miss the opportunity and allow the view that you would be able to see at Pont des Arts put you in awe.

Romantic Locations in Paris You Should Visit

Without a doubt, this bridge would be able to showcase a view of the most renowned attractions in Paris like the Museum of Louvre, Ile de la Cite and the Notre Dame. Try taking the metro up to Saint-Germain-des-Prés and you could already start gazing even the entire day.

Seize the moment and cuddle with the person you love while sitting at one of the benches located at the very serene and romantic Trocadéro Gardens. You would be able to go there by metro and you would surely be glad to know that if you stay there you would definitely be able to see the magnificent Eiffel Tower. One of the most awaited moments is when it lights up for about ten minutes. You should no longer wonder why this particular area is known as the area where a lot of people make out.

Romantic Locations in Paris You Should Visit

Visit someplace exciting and out of the ordinary yet still be at the perfect place for that special kiss by going to the very beautiful Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. This park will surely fill your day with adventure because of the numerous sights that you would be able to see and visit. You and your partner would certainly feel relaxed once you see the waterfalls, the park’s lush scenery plus take a visit to its grottos and breathtaking cliffs. Once you go up and reach the kiosk, you would be amazed at the very beautiful view overlooking the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont.

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The renowned “bridge of lovers”, or Pont-Marie is certainly one of the most romantic places that you should check out and people believe that if someone kisses under this bridge, and wish that their love would last forever, this would come true. Go ahead and ride a bateau-Mouche, and try that kiss under the bridge. This will surely make that kiss truly memorable and even more special.

One of the most elegant and sophisticated restaurants that would make that date very meaningful is Lapérouse. This restaurant will take that date to a higher level in the sense that it would make you and your partner truly comfortable and would make you feel as if you were a part of history, during the time when courtesans would meet at this restaurant and deal with their transactions. One of the best features of Lapérouse is that you would have a dining room that is private and you simply have to call for a maître d’ if, for instance, you need something. You should, of course, make a reservation for one of the restaurants private dining rooms and pamper yourself with what this restaurant has to offer.

Make that proposal or give those three words a whole new meaning by letting your partner see the Wall of Love or Le mur des je t’aime and express your love in different languages as this mural would show you how love is being articulated in different languages. There are splashes that are said to symbolize hearts that have been broken and may be cured by means of the mural. You may also check the website of Le Mur des je t’aime and learn how to say those three words in different languages, even before you arrive in Paris.

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Be mesmerized by the beautiful De Medici Fountain located at the Luxembourg Gardens. This fountain was built for Marie de Médici, the wife of Henri IV, who was missing Italy. This fountain will surely help you escape those who are playing chess, the kids in the park as well as those sun worshippers. Take a trip to the Luxembourg Gardens and get to spend some alone time with your partner.

If there is one photo that would be able to truly show how romantic Paris truly is, that would be the renowned Le Baiser du Trottoir. Grab that opportunity to redo that moment and capture it by asking a photographer to take a picture of you and your partner with the same angle at the Café of Hôtel de Ville, and because of this, you would no longer have to buy a copy of the picture since you already have your own version. This picture really gives you real meaning as to why a lot of people would consider Paris a city full of passion and love. On top of that, whether you are on a vacation in Paris or you just simply love to go around Paris, surely you would be able to redefine this experience because of this.

Romantic Locations in Paris You Should Visit

Musee Carnavalet is now said to be the home of Madame de Kernevenoy, whose husband died during a duel when she was at the age of 25. This lady is known for the beauty that she possesses which in turn resulted in a long line of suitors outside her house. This, in turn, paved the way for her to be called “Carnavalet” because of the carnival of courtiers who even slept outside the mansion of this lady. This happened during the 1500s, and now this place is known as the museum which houses Parisian history. You simply have to take the efficient metro only up to St. Paul, and you would already be able to check out this wonderful museum and do lots of activities on the hallways of the museum as well as in its garden.

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Meet with your special someone at the renowned Tuileries Gardens, which is located just outside the Louvre. This place has been historic in the sense that no matter what class the particular couple belongs to, like for instance a couple from the middle class or a couple who is part of the nobles, they really opt to meet at this place. During the 18th century, it was a very popular place for meeting someone. This means that if for instance, an unforeseen event occurs, like for example it suddenly rains, then the person who intends to meet someone at that particular day will surely be somewhat frustrated since they would not be able to do so. Now, you would be able to spend time with your loved one while staying at an outdoor café in Tuileries.


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