Purple Makeup Ideas With Smoky Eyes Technique

Purple makeup ideas may sound unusual and weird for daily use. However, you may get invitation to a party with purple as the theme. It requires you to put on purple dress, which means you have to put on makeup that matches with this color. Some people afraid that purple won’t look good on them. It’s not true. You need to know that there are various choices of purple palettes for eye makeup.

Purple Makeup Ideas With Smoky Eyes Technique

You don’t have to use one purple palette only. It’s best to combine several purple palettes to create some texture on your face. It also prevents you from looking all purple all over your face.

Smoky Eyes on Purple Makeup Ideas

Smoky eyes makeup becomes the best way to apply purple on your face. Afterall, it will give a totally different look on your face without making you look all purple. First, you need to have the right equipments. You need to complete yourself with several choices of purple makeup in different palettes. At least, you need to have light and dark purple eyeshadow.

Purple Makeup Ideas With Smoky Eyes Technique

Purple makeup ideas require combination of light and dark colors. If you don’t have soft light purple, you can use white eyeshadow. Apply it in the inside corner of your eye lids. Then, use darker purple eyeshadow on the outer corner. You can also give slight touch of dark, black eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eyes. Slowly, brush this color combination to soften the changes. You can also combine purple eyeshadow with pink or navy blue eyeshadow. It will be good combination for your smoky eyes makeup.

As it’s smoky eyes makeup in purple, you need to complete your heavy purple eyeshadow with thick eyeliner. It will be much easier to use liquid eyeliner as you can apply thick eyeliner. Don’t forget to complete your eye makeup with mascara. Use fake lashes if it’s necessary.

Lipstick and Blush to Complete Purple Makeup Ideas

Although you are using purple as the main theme of your makeup, it doesn’t mean that you have to be completely in purple. In fact, choosing a different color palette will emphasize your purple makeup. For your lipstick, you don’t have to use purple lipstick if it doesn’t suit you. Instead, you can use pink or soft color lipstick that matches for purple. Give some color to your cheeks with some soft blush. This small touch will finalize your purple makeup ideas.

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