Makeup Trend 2019

Makeup 2019

The year 2019 saw some trends that were carried forward in to the next season for its sheer versatility. The year saw opposites achieved in makeup, and lovely hairdos as a part of hair makeup. Some bright shades were upstaged and the fall saw colors of the winter on the eyes. Some of the best makeup 2019 trends are:

Purple all the way : Purple is the color of the season. The color that can go well with any complexion can be versatile and produce the effect of deep, lovely eyes. This color goes well with the fall colors and makes the skin glow and the eyes look smoky and beautiful. This season; go for purples as they are the hottest color of the season.

Its Smokin’!: This season, smoky eyes come back and with a bang! They create the effect of sexy eyes and define the eyes making them shine out as the best feature of the face. A black liner and black mascara will contribute its share to the smoky eyes. Make sure that the color of your eye-shadow matches your outfit.

Go gold: This year, the colors of fall are gold, bronze, and copper. They replicate the colors of the season and the environment perfectly. They stand out to make the eyes shine and glow with brightness. They look good on those with fair and tan complexion. Gold is the color for those with dark complexion. Make sure that you apply it in moderation or you’ll end looking like the ghost of Halloween.

Antonyms are synonymous: This season the lips are seen in stark contrasts! You either go for eye popping shades like bright pink, cherry red for a vamps look or else go all girly with nude lips, or natural colored lips. The nude lips effect can be achieved with the help of foundation on the lips and topping it off with a transparent lip gloss. A salmon colored lipstick will match the natural color of the lips and will stand out in this season as a natural lip color.

Thick is sleek: This year, thick yet well groomed eyebrows make an entry into the makeup scene and they are here to stay. Thinly plucked and artificial eyebrows are out and total no-no by makeup experts. Don’t forget to keep them well groomed and clean.

Shimmer on the face and cheeks: This year is the year of shimmer! Go for shimmery face and especially the cheeks for the party! Use a shimmer cream instead of a foundation. Make sure that you don’t overdo it, or you’ll end up looking like a shiny ghost. The cheeks can also be highlighted and contoured with the silver or bronze shimmer powder, making them look beautifully tanned and sexy.

Rosy cheeks: The daywear color for the cheeks is pink, and make sure that it matches with the color of your complexion. This color will create a great rosy glow on your cheeks making them look beautiful and healthily pink.
The best makeup 2019 trends are here to stay. They were so versatile that the designers loved them and they were carried forward to the next seasons.

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