Makeup Tips – Best Makeup Looks for Asian Faces

Asian beauty has captivated the attention of many in the world. People still get bewitched by the delicate porcelain skin of Asian women; the allure of long hair, the provocative eyes and the attractive features of Indian women have been a source of inspiration for many fables. Multitudes are impertinent about the secret behind the beauty of these women, specifically behind their looks.

Makeup Tips - Best Makeup Looks for Asian Faces

The Asian women are blessed with beautiful eyes and flawless complexions, but products made for Caucasians don’t suit the Asian skin type, resulting in skin irritation.

Hence, they have to follow some makeup regimes for themselves.

The base of any makeup – foundation, should be the correct one. The Asian skin possesses yellowish tinge to it, hence the foundation should be consist of yellow undertones. Wearing a foundation with pink tones can make the face look dull and grey. Since the Asian skin has a fair amount of translucence to it, sheer coverage will be perfect. If there are dark or prominent blemishes and scars, concealer will be apt, rather than a foundation. A good mineral foundation can also work wonders for Asian skin, giving a sheer coverage, and making the complexion glow.

Makeup Tips - Best Makeup Looks for Asian Faces

Asian women have the advantage of having the most perfectly-shaped eyes. Considering their complexion, they should use eye-shadows of colors like bronze, cool grays, purples, lavenders and pink. Deep blue, wine, turquoise, deep purple, charcoal, and black to complement beautiful black eyes. For the day, eye-shadows like soft taupe, browns, peaches, and plums can work well. Any dark-colored eye-liners are a great option to opt for.

Makeup Tips - Best Makeup Looks for Asian Faces

Though Asian women have beautiful eyes, they usually have stubby eyelashes. Hence, the use of mascara can lengthen and thicken the eyelashes and make them look defined and sharp. Distancing from shimmery and frosty colors is a great idea since these colors make the eyelids look puffy. Cream eye-shadows are not such a great option since they are not easy to apply on creaseless eyelids. Hence opt for pressed powder eye-shadows.

Makeup Tips - Best Makeup Looks for Asian Faces

Colors like soft pink, coral, plum, orange, peach, and mauve will look stunning on the Asian skin. Any type of blush will go well with Asian skin. Hence opt for anything – cream or powder blush. Colors like Light bronze and pale apricot add the perfectly desired amount of color to your cheeks and precise contours.

Asian skin tone being wheat-colored carries off lip-colors like raisins, plums, mauves, reds, caramels, taupe, ruby red and coffee brown very elegantly. Shocking pinks and oranges are a complete ‘no-no’ for Asian skin tones. So are pastels and frosted shades, as they make the makeup look bland and flat. For thin lips, you could use a lip-liner and line your lips just outside the border and use a gloss to create a plumper look.

Asian skin is not really difficult for makeup. Just a tip for Asian women, trust your instincts with the eye-shadows and decide your favorite color. After all, the way you carry yourself off also matters.

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