How To Get Hair Men Will Want To Play With

Most men might appear clueless about women in general, including the condition of our hair but don’t be fooled, even a man knows healthy hair should never feel like straw. Good to the touch, sweet to the nose, soft on the lips are all essential aspects to having hair men wont be able to resist stroking. Come on ladies, let’s lure them in with our sexy locks.

How To Get Hair Men Will Want To Play With

Step 1: Healthy Conditioned Hair

Imagine being enticed to touch a beautiful cuddly teddy bear that you soon discover has porcupine quills for skin. That’s how ultimate super hold hair gel and spray feels to hands that are trying to run through it.

If you want your man to put you to sleep by gently caressing your hair after a long night of wildly tousling your hair -wink wink-you must ensure to cut the ends at least every 6 weeks, conditioned regularly and don’t consist of tons of hair hardening products. On average, the hair grows approximately 1 cm every 28 days but the average head will also lose around 50 to 100 hairs a day in the shower, by brushing and even more than a fistful in a cat fight! Ouch.

When hair becomes rough and begins to resemble shredded wheat, you’re definitely overdue for a deep hydrating treatment such as Vo5 Daily Hair Recovery which will lock in moisture and prevent further damage. With all of this splitting, tearing and pulling out, your crown of hair needs to be pampered and adored. Wouldn’t you?

Step 2: Color

Are you in the family of red or blonde or brown or black? Decide woman! It’s one thing to have several natural looking or stylish chunky highlights in your hair but if your hair hasn’t adopted a steady shade in awhile it will more than likely decide for itself to go green.

Men love vibrant color in a woman’s hair just as much if not more than women do themselves but sometimes experimentation should be left to the science lab or you’ll end up with a big colorful disaster. Change is great, color is fantastic but if you’ve actually forgotten the natural color of your hair due to years of dying and perming and mistreating, leave it up to the professionals to work their magic and bring your long lost locks back to life.

Step 3: Scent

So your hair smells of leave in conditioner, gel, spray, and an unfamiliar hair gunk your best friend gave you for…well you’re not quite sure but it’s holding your hair together like glue! Come on ladies, who wants to wear Pantene perfume? The smell of your hair should never overpower the aroma of your perfume unless you spray perfume IN your hair.

If you haven’t kept your promise to quit smoking and want to hide the evidence, good luck since the hair literally locks scents in its locks. You could however, sweeten it up with a light scent of vanilla that won’t clash with your perfume as long as you don’t spray too much on.

If you’ve managed to liven up your hair life by ridding it of dead strands, unappealing scents and clashing colors, you’ll have your man playing in it, rolling in it and just plane loving it night after night after night…

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