How To Do Basic Eye Makeup ?

Many women seem to be afraid to experiment with eye makeup feel her too complicated and time consuming. They have the attitude why bother because they feel their natural look is best. This may be true sometimes, but when a woman well polished using proper eye makeup steals your promoting job just under your nose, you may want to take a second look at the use of eye makeup.

How To Do Basic Eye Makeup

With practice and the right tools and colors, you must be able to put your eye makeup in less than 10 minutes in the morning. It is the message you want to represent. With as little a little mascara and lip gloss or face all depends on you.With all there for the day, it can be more intimidating to the amount of eye makeup to choose from.

Here are some basic eye makeup guide lines to think. Do you ignore your eyebrows? Or are you someone that tends to over pluck them? Your eye brow are a very important part of giving a good impression. They provide a balanced look to your entire face. For perfectly groomed eyebrows a moment try this trick.

Paint them with a brush, an old toothbrush will work for this. Comb the hair upward and outward. This will help to open your eyes. You can hold them in place by gently applying a transparent gel. If you are not sure what is the best way your eyebrows should look, consult a professional. It will be able to guide you by showing the right way to gather and shape your eyebrows to work with your face.

Ever thought of using eyeliner?

How To Do Basic Eye Makeup

Eyeliner can be applied to all forms flatter the eye and sizes. It comes in three types, pencil, cake, and liquid. Liquid eyeliner is the most difficult to master because it takes a steady hand to do it.

Cake eyeliner is applied wet with an eyeliner brush. Pencil is just a pencil. Eyeliner should be applied after your eye shadow and mascara before. The simplest and most effective way to add extra accent to your look is to use a pencil. Carefully develop a flexible line, keeping close to your upper lashes and repeat under your lower lashes. Smudge with your fingers to draw attention to your eyes is not your eyeliner.

Do you wear mascara? And if you do not, why not?

How To Do Basic Eye Makeup

Mascara creates a flattering fringe to your eyes. Even if you have blonde eyelashes. Black is the most commonly used color, but mascara is also available in brown, brown-black, and navy. There are products today, Magic Lash example that helps you to further enhance your lashes. It is applied after your first mascara coast. Magic Lash then you apply a second coat of mascara. For those of us who can not afford eyelash extensions it is a God issue. It might be something you want to look into

How many colors of eye shadows or types do you have?

How To Do Basic Eye Makeup

Eye shadows come in a variety of colors and types of mass. You mineral eye shadows, pressed powder, , sticks, liquid and cream. Pressed powder eye shadows are the most popular. Today there are many people who prefer mineral eye shadows because her naturally. Pressed mineral eye shadows are easy to apply and just using a makeup brush. You can build the color choice of barely there for dramatic. It can also be used as eyeliner if you wish. eye shadows creams are oil based and a good choice for dry or more that needs extra hydration.

Stick eye shadows that you must be careful that they are not dry. They should have a creamy texture to them so they do not drag on your eyelid. Liquid eye shadow usually come in a thin tube with applicator. Look for the type that range from cream to powder.

There you have it, simple eye makeup bases. It seems a lot, it really is not. This is just an example of what is there to help you enhance your own beauty. Decide it what you want to use, but do not be surprised what happens if you have never worn eye makeup to work before. If you applied correctly it when someone takes a second look and asked you did something different with your hair, etc. You know that your eye makeup has changed the way someone sees you.

It does not take much then why not start experimenting today?

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