Group Holiday Insurance – General Types And The Needs Of Regular Travelers

September 14, 2019 | Travel Tips

We are social beings. We love our families. We love our friends. We like (not love, exactly) our office colleagues. We love our church friends. And most importantly we love enjoying with them. We go to family functions and parties and pubs and many more places. We like going to places with our loved ones. The best part is you can insure all of them together when you are traveling.

Group Holiday Insurance – General Types And The Needs Of Regular Travelers

Group Holiday Insurance - General Types And The Needs Of Regular Travelers

The purpose of group travel can be anything like a school trip, historic trip, business meeting, adventure retreats, where a number of people are involved and you can still take group insurance. Group insurance can be useful in many ways:

It covers a minimum of 5 people.

No need to ensure each person individually and hence it is a cheaper option.

All people get insured under the same master policy.

It can be bought online and hence it’s faster to obtain.

It covers everything that is covered under a basic travel insurance policy.

Cancellation, personal accident, business travel insurance is covered.

Medical assistance is provided if needed.

Protection against loss of personal belongings or baggage.

Everyone gets covered in the same manner irrespective of the age, gender and race.

The policy tenure can be up to a year.

If the group needs any embassy service or a translator, that can be provided.

Assistance services like emergency cash transfers or any other legal help can be a part of your travel insurance plan.
International group travel insurance policies are also available. International group travel insurance is available for as short as 5 days to as long as a year and can be availed by a minimum of five people. It also covers emergency evacuation and repatriation.

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Group travel insurance is the best option when you are more than 5-10 people traveling together for the same purpose.

The needs of regular travelers.

Group Holiday Insurance - General Types And The Needs Of Regular Travelers

When we see Ian Wright or Justin Shapiro globetrotting with their backpacks we wonder about so many things. How do they manage their body clock? How do they find good food to eat? How does their digestive system adjust to such variety of cuisine? How do they manage their insurance? This is one question all the not-so-famous backpackers must be coming up with. Well for these, famous ones, the channel puts in the bucks and resources. But for a normal, regular, not-so-wealthy, not-so-famous traveler backpackers insurance is the best option.

As the name suggests it is a policy for frequent travelers who are generally mentioned as backpackers. They have a fetish for going places and discover unraveled unseen terrains. They cannot afford to take insurance every time they plan a retreat. The policy is designed specifically to suit the needs of regular travelers.


It is a very cheap and budget-friendly policy because of the regularity of trips one cannot afford to pay high for every trip.
The period is a year to a year and a half covering multiple trips. It is not possible to take a policy every time you plan an outing.

It is generally given to globetrotters going for adventures like bungee-jumping, mountain trekking, rock climbing, skiing, and nearly fifty other activities.

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It is usually given to students and self drove travelers who need to travel for either their education or their penchant for adventure.
Getting mugged on a foreign trip is not new. People have always suffered especially when you are visiting famous tourist places. Hence the policy covers mugging.

One cannot be away for a whole year. One has to come back to plan their next retreat. The backpacker’s insurance policy is a multiple trip one, even a few home visits are covered under the same policy.

Chances of losing your belongings are also pretty high when traveling abroad. Hence, loss of personal belongings is also covered.

Now you can travel with a reposed mind and not worry about the money because your Backpackers Insurance policy is going to look after that. Just go ahead travel, explore and discover the planet like all those cool adventurers of the Discovery channels’ cool anchors.


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