Cute Hair Accessories For Every Style

I love hair accessories as much as the next girl but sometimes I can find them a bit too much. If worn properly a good hair accessory will enhance your outfit and add a little something extra to for people to gander at. It adds a hint of mystery and an air of wonder around your head. There are a few cool trends going around the hair accessory world and I’m going to show you what they are and how to use them in your style.

Cute Hair Accessories For Every Style

If you’re edgy and courageous then take a look at the chain headbands. They’re really blazing a trail this year in hair trends. These relics of a more glamorous, old fashioned time are an amazing accent piece that can really take an outfit to the next level. Whether or not you have a fringe these lovely hanging chains look great. If you want to really go over the top and make it the highlight to your outfit i say wear a headband with more levels of chains. If you want to only make it an accent mark then go for the simple one chain.

Do you tend to be a bit more feminine? I would say opt for a nice flowery headband. If you have a pretty bold personality I suggest you go for something big and colorful. Lots of fabric layers. If you tend to be a bit more subdued then maybe stick to one or two pastel colored flower bobby pins. But it really comes down to what you feel suits your outfit and personality the best.

You’re dark, mysterious and are considered a kind of bad ass. Try braiding your hair down one side and adding a nice black velvet bow at the end to keep it together. Or you can pull out some of that women World War II power with the strong headband that you tie in the front. If you like colors then a nice red, blue or grey is suggested. Not really then black is great no matter what color hair you have.

Down to earth is how you roll, with that au-naturel look. I dig it. Try a nice hippie inspired headband. More or an urban hippie then wear one with metal beads. Want to really keep the au naturel look then keep it simple with a nice leather woven piece.

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