Consider The Risks Before Face Whitening – Bleaching Of Skin

Many people have dark spots and wrinkles on their skin that are caused by exposure to the sun, as well as other stressors like pollution and cold weather. For many these dark spots cause their skin to age prematurely.

Consider The Risks Before Face Whitening – Bleaching Of Skin

Unfortunately, the face gets the most exposure of any part of the body so it is important to care for it and ensure that the products that we use are safe and do not cause additional damage.

Face whitening Products Can Reduce Dark Spots:

Known for reducing dark spots and evening out the skin tones, face whitening products are sometimes called bleaching products. While many of the skin whitening products on the market are safe, some contain ingredients that can cause harm so it is essential to choose the product that will not only improve your skin’s appearance but will also keep you safe. Reducing and/or erasing dark spots can have a positive effect when it is successful because it will smooth out the skin tones making them more even giving your skin a more youthful look that you are seeking. Many of these skin whitening products can be found over the counter.

Ingredients to Avoid When Buying Skin Whitening Products:

 Consider The Risks Before Face Whitening – Bleaching Of Skin

It is important to check the labels when purchasing skin whitening products to ensure you are not getting more than you bargained for when trying to reduce dark spots on the skin. Here are some ingredients to avoid when you look for skin whitening products:

Hydroquinone – This ingredient is a potential carcinogenic that can cause cancer and is a substance that France has prohibited the use of skincare products.

Mercuric Chloride – This ingredient is a highly toxic poison that used to be used in medicine but no longer is because of its toxicity.

Mercury – This ingredient is also very toxic and can cause liver or brain damage, but is often found in imported products.

Other Risks Associated With Skin Whitening Products:

Skin whitening products should never be used to whiten all of your skin, but rather it should be focused on dark spots only. Here are some other risks to consider before using skin whitening products:

Bruising – Use of skin whitening products will cause the skin to become thinner thus causing easy bruising.

Exposed Capillaries – Often because the skin is so thin, the capillaries are exposed under the skin thus replacing the brown spots.

Stretch Marks – Many associate stretch marks from birthing a baby, but stretch marks can occur on your face. Again, replacing the brown spots for another problem.

High Blood Sugar – As the skin whitening products are absorbed into the bloodstream, high blood sugar levels have been observed.

Ocronois – This is a skin condition that will cause the skin to become darker as the pigment of the skin is reduced to the lower levels of the epidermis.

Skin whitening should not be a part of your daily skin care regimen and before you consider use of these products, you should consult a physician or skin care specialist.

Dr. Farid Mostamand, author of ageless skin obsession and founder of Focus Medical Spa bring you the latest research in the treament of dark spots and give you the knowledge to chose the best face whitening cream to effectively treat your drak spots and brown spots.

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