Changi Airport – One of the World’s Best Airports

Changi Airport has been consistently recognized as one of the world’s best airports by various travel organizations around the world. Once you land in Changi Airport you’ll definitely know why it has been awarded as the world’s best airport in consecutive years.

Changi Airport’s facilities are world-class and a lot of these facilities can be used by passengers free of charge. The airport is spacious, clean and environment-friendly. Getting stucked in this airport would probably be one of your best travel experiences as it’s comfortable and not boring as there are a variety of things that you can do inside the airport.

Changi Airport - One of the World's Best Airports

Here are some of the facilities that Changi Airport offers:

Koi Pond: What could be more relaxing than watching some Koi swim in this well-maintained pond complete with beautiful trees and flowering shrubs.

Comfortable Lounge Areas: If you’re not intending to do anything while at the airport then just stay in any of their lounges at the airport and just relax. They also have some areas where you can sleep peacefully.

Watch TV: If you’re just killing a few hours why not watch a few TV programs or keep yourself updated with some news or sports updates.

Playstation: Or play some games with your friends and family,

Nintendo Wii: If Playstation is not your thing, why not play some games using Nintendo Wii. If you’re traveling with your kids, bring them to the Ninetendo Wii playroom and they’ll surely enjoy it.

Browse the Internet: If you have a laptop or wifi enabled device then you can browse the internet using your own device. But if you’re traveling without one then worry not as there are computer stations that you can use.

Listen to Music: If you want to relax by listening to music then go to the lounges where you could listen to music for free. There are many music CDs to choose from.

Watch Movies: They also have a movie theater for passengers. So if you have enough time to burn then why not watch a couple of movies before you catch your flight.

Visit their Gardens: There are beautiful gardens in Changi Airport and one of the most frequented is their Sunflower Garden. They also have a beautiful Butterfly Garden where you can see a variety of real (and live of course) butterflies.

Duty-Free Shopping: If you forgot some items to buy or if you want to bring some gifts to your family and friends back home then check out their Duty-Free Shops. There are so many choices when it comes to a multitude of products. Some of the most popular items to buy include perfumes, chocolates, and souvenir items.

Free Massage: If you’re tired of hopping from one area to another and trying out a variety of activities inside the airport then just sit in one of the massage chairs and relax.


These are just some of the facilities that you can use in Changi Airport. They also have a swimming pool, many restaurants and some bars and more. If you want to see the complete list of facilities that are available in this airport.

Have you been to Changi Airport? Feel free to share your tips and recommendations.

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