Bridal Makeup Looks

Bridal Makeup Looks – with these wedding makeup tips and tricks you are going to be a stunning bride, just as you have always pictured yourself to be.

Bridal Makeup Looks

You have been planning practically all your life for that big day and now it is fast approaching. By now you have probably purchased the most glorious wedding gown, booked an amazing location, and of course, I am assuming you said “YES” to the perfect man. Congratulations!

So you are looking for bridal makeup looks that will make you glow on that special day. Here are some bridal makeup tips to ensure that your makeup enhances your beauty and it stays as beautiful as the reason you are celebrating the occasion.

When searching for bridal makeup looks, the most important advice you can get is to decide which look you prefer days before the wedding. It is highly recommended to practice putting on your makeup, whether you want to do it yourself or hire a professional, several times before the big day. Just as much as you need a dry run for the wedding, you’d be grateful if you get a few trial makeup runs. This way, you’ll know exactly how to obtain the look you desire, and you won’t have to deal with all the hassles on the day itself.

There are many factors to take into consideration when searching for the best bridal makeup looks. One of these would be the time of the day for the wedding. This is very critical since it dictates how well you will photograph on the kind of lighting you get at that moment.

Bridal Makeup Looks for the Morning Bride

Bridal Makeup Looks

If your wedding will take place in the morning, you would want your makeup to be natural and soft. If you prefer to have a natural look on your wedding, then you’d make a perfect morning bride. Typically, a morning wedding takes place in the outdoors, or at least most photographs are taken outside. The soft natural morning light makes for great photo-op lighting. Note: if your skin is prone to breakouts, morning might not be an ideal time for your wedding. This is because you would want to put on very minimal concealer and foundation due to the soft A.M. light.

Tips for Morning Wedding Bridal Makeup Looks:

Morning Bridal Makeup Looks

1. You can choose a foundation with a light sheen but a matte foundation is highly recommended.

2. Under the soft light, you would like to have a matte look. So stick with minimal powder to create that natural matte appearance. Be aware that very heavy powder will appear quite artificial in the morning.

3. You would like to stay clear from too much or bold eye shadows. Warm and soft eye shades that complement your eye color would accentuate your natural look much better.

4. Try do define your eyes by using mascara or maybe even false eye lashes. Eyeliner is a great choice, too, but make sure to keep it subtle and soft. Avoid black eyeliners and remember to smudge the lines so as not to have a harsh look.

5. Keep your lips looking soft and natural to complement your general makeup theme. Don’t use extremely bold colors. If you do, your lips will be the only thing visible in your photos.

Bridal Makeup Looks for the Noon Bride

One thing you should know about noon time weddings is that the sun tends to cast shadows on your face. Keep this in mind especially if you plan to take photos outdoors.

Tips for Noontime Wedding Bridal Makeup Looks:
Midday Bridal Makeup Looks

1. Do not use shiny or dewy foundations. Sheen on your face will certainly reflect the light in your photos at this time of the day. What really photographs well under the midday sun is a lightweight foundation with a matte powder finish.

2. Try as much as possible to avoid a blush with shimmer. Of course, you still will need some blush with a matte finish.

3. When it comes to the eyes, stay away from dark colors. Dark eye shadow will make your eyes look like two deep dark holes in your photographs. The highlight shade is where you would like to add some shimmer so as to reflect the light. Your eye contour and mid tone shades should have a matte finish so your eyes won’t look too shiny.

4. It is also essential to make your eyelashes look long and lush which can be accomplished by mascara. And if you choose to use eyeliner, make sure to wear it close to your lash line.

5. It is of utmost importance to blend your makeup, especially if you are a midday bride. As the sun grows stronger, each of your makeup line becomes more visible, so it is necessary that your makeup is blended well

Bridal Makeup Looks for the Sunset Bride

Bridal Makeup Looks

The late afternoon, just when the sun is about to set, makes it the perfect moment for any wedding. At this time, the sun casts a golden glow which can add more drama to bridal makeup looks. There’s nothing more naturally beautiful than the late afternoon light and this kind of light is definitely more forgiving.

Tips for Sunset Wedding Bridal Makeup Looks:

Sunset Bridal Makeup Looks

1. At this time of the day, you can use more concealer and foundation if you have facial flaws to cover. But make sure to finish with matte powder. You would not like shine on your face when being photographed.

2. This is the time when you have to add more color to your face. As the sun sets, the flash of the cameras might wash out the color on your face. It is also okay to have some sort of shimmer in your blush or you might want to add bronzing powder to accomplish a warm glow appearance.

3. Dramatic eyeshades would look great on sunset brides. In fact these tones are appropriate at this time. Use a shimmer highlight to achieve that extra drama.

4. Put on a rich lip color, this is not the time to go soft.

Bridal Makeup Looks for the Evening Bride

Bridal Makeup Looks

You can go wild with your makeup if you are an evening bride, but of course, you should not overdo it. This is the time when you can afford to opt for dark eye shadow and deep red lipstick. You can go as dramatic as you want since an evening bride can be a glamour queen. Besides, more make up at night will photograph much better than any other time of the day.

Tips for Evening Wedding Bridal Makeup Looks:

Night Bridal Makeup Looks

Night Bridal Makeup Looks

1. If your face is prone to breakouts, it is acceptable to put more concealer, foundation and powder if you have a night wedding. This time, use a bronzer generously to give your skin that beautiful glow. Also, a bronzed look will prevent your face from being washed out from all the flash when taking photographs.

2. As a night bride, try to define each aspect of your face, including your eyes, cheekbones and lips. Shimmery eye shadow will work great but try to avoid the frosty kinds. You will probably be using at least three shades, make one of these matte.

3. In a night wedding false eyelashes is a must, especially if you are not gifted with long luscious lashes. Your lashes will give more definition to the lash line and it will effectively compete with the camera’s flash.

4. Go bold with your lip color but make sure it complements your general makeup theme.

More Bridal Makeup Looks Advice

Makeup can only do so much. So there are things you have to accomplish as well as avoid to ensure that you look your best on your big day.

Bridal Makeup Looks – What You Should Avoid

Bridal Makeup Looks No-No #1 – Do not stay up late before your wedding day! Although this might be hard to do especially with all the relatives and friends you have to entertain, not to mention the mixed emotions that keep you up the night before. But remember that it is essential that you get a good night’s sleep so will look your best on the most important day of your life. Try to get an hour long massage before you go to bed. Or if worse comes to worse, ask your doctor for mild sleeping pills. You would not like to sport dark circles around your eyes that will forever be captured in your wedding photos.

Bridal Makeup Looks No-No #2 – Avoid beauty products that you have not previously tested out. Like sunless tanning lotion, for example. Some brides generously apply this lotion thinking that it is the only way to give them a warm glow on the day itself. The problem is some are not aware that this does not usually give the look they desire. So make sure to test the product out weeks in advance. Check how it looks on you and how it dries. You may use sunless tanning lotion weeks before your wedding to obtain that natural tan. Don’t start using it on the day itself.

There definitely are so many things to consider when looking for the best bridal makeup looks. But the key is to plan ahead. Do your research. Decide on whether you want to apply your makeup yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Take action and with these bridal makeup looks in mind there is no doubt that your natural beauty will shine through. Good luck and remember to enjoy your special day.

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