Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

Searching for awesome solo woman travel destinations for every month of this yr?

Taking into account the weather as well as ‘peak’ seasons within each destination, I have got you protected with 24 of the greatest places to travel by yourself in 2019, 30 days by month!

Greatest Solo Female Journey Destinations 2020 Month by Month

Having a mix of beginner and also true adventurer locations, there are two places for each month to ensure that you’ve got the cracking choice. Single holidays have just obtained so much better! Solitary travel is very hot and this list will certainly inspire you females travel addicts to obtain out there and discover.


Malaga, The country of Spain

Malaga, The country of Spain, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

Malaga in Spain offers completely changed within the last 15 years! They have blossomed into one of the very most exciting port towns in Europe, having a thriving foodie, social and amazing artwork scene! This is the birthplace of Picasso as well as home to the just other Pompidou Center in the world (Paris has got the original).

The adventure time trips from the town are also so worthwhile. You have to check out the beloved town of Guardia and face your own fears on the captivating El Caminito delete Rey hiking path.

Prague Czech Republic

Prague Czech Republic, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

Prague is a marvelous place to start the new 12 months. With low prices and many things to do, selection way to travel single and recover from the actual stressful and costly holiday season? Embrace the particular cold and enjoy discount prices for lodging and airfare. Should you be itching to see a beautiful snowfall, there’s any 50% chance you are going to!


Tokyo, The Japanese

Tokyo, The Japanese, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

Welcome to a whole ” new world ” like nothing you have skilled before. Tokyo inside Japan is a total delight for solitary female travelers and I also would come here Springtime, Summer, Autumn, and Winter basically could. There’s a genuine charm to viewing Japan in the snowfall – you might correct it in Tokyo.

There’s just a lot of wonderful new meals to try, the quirkiest shopping districts, limitless weird technology and also the friendliest locals to assist you (even if they do not speak a riff of English! ).

Bangkok Thailand

Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020, Bangkok Thailand

Whenever traveling solo within Bangkok, you’ll in no way feel alone. There is plenty of digital nomads, solo female holidaymakers, and general travelers enjoying this Thai city. Whether you are looking to enjoy luxuriously or live on the advantage, Bangkok is definitely among the best solo travel locations. February is approaching the end of the visitor season and will assist you to avoid the hottest temperature in Bangkok.


Xingping China

What about diving right into a good Asian adventure as well as heading for Xingping Tiongkok? At this time of yr, the weather is moderate and the days tend to be sunny with temps around 20-30°C (68-86°F)! Located in the south of China close to Guilin, I feel a fresh gentle enough summary of China if this is the initial time here. Sufficient tourists come here to get by if you know hardly any Mandarin – which is not too occupied.

Delhi India

Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020, Bangkok Thailand

Phoning all adventuresses for any challenging destination for 2019! Delhi in Indian can be difficult but it is extremely rewarding. It’s in the list of top locations to travel alone inside India. Temperatures are usually lower in Delhi within March, so you can take pleasure in the sights and activities without sweating (too much).



Slovenia, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

Slovenia is the top tip of Europe and also April is a great time and discovers the most sustainable country in the world. I suggest starting in Ljubljana, which may just turn out to be your most preferred capital city actually. It’s perfect for mowing the lawn around, the teleférico views are spectacular, the street art no longer has enough this world and the day time trips that you can get from here are mythic moments! I especially loved exploring Bela Krajina in the to the south!


Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020, ParisVery Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020, Paris


If you’re fortunate, spring will be completely blooming in Apr in Paris. Your walks to the boulangerie for a cheeky croissant will be filled with reasonable weather and plenty associated with Parisiennes! There are 2 good reasons to avoid Paris, France after April/May; all of the Parisians leave and the tourists are available in. In April each and every business will be ramping up, but in the summer a person risks your local food handling business being closed with regard to the holiday! Get the greatest Paris travel suggestions here.


Quebec, Canada, City Canada

Quebec, Canada, City Canada, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

For every you ladies who else cannot make it to European countries to visit Paris, you will get your ‘European’ encounter by visiting Quebec Town in Canada. In Drive, it certainly is a little cold, but the romantic really feel of this city will warm you upward (along with the walnut syrup! ).


Aruba, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

Aruba is a gorgeous Caribbean island, a secure destination for solo feminine travelers. It offers A lot of adventure sports, trips, and thrills. 04 to August will reveal the best prices regarding Aruba, although the weather conditions in Aruba is actually sunny year-round.

Edinburgh, Scottish Highlands

Edinburgh, Scottish Highlands, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

It was not until two years back that I finally caused it to be up to Scotland as well as realized just how excellent my neighbor way up north is. Edinburgh is home to Harry Knitter, has many a glass of wonderful whiskey, a lovely fortress and so many actions throughout the day and night to keep you amused.

Bologna Italy

Bologna Italy,  Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

Bologna is a great solo woman travel destination since it isn’t touristy and also doesn’t really have any kind of sketchy area. Bologna is the perfect location for a taste regarding Italy without going through budget or over touristy. Early June inside Bologna hosts excellent weather, and you can never ever go wrong with an Italian language summer! The food within Bologna is also delicious!


Portland Or, USA

Portland Or, USA, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

I really wished to get somewhere within the States onto this particular list (but truth be told, I still have not been! ) therefore I asked my close friend Sonia what the girl thought. Here’s exactly what she had to state! …

‘The climate in Oregon is about 8 months associated with wet and chilly, but in Summer, the area turns into a vibrant as well as exhilarating place to spend time and be cool. There are still snow around the mountain tops if you want to wake up there, but listed below the waterfalls tend to be gushing as the compacted snow melts, which means there is plenty of rafting and also tubing fun available! The coast continues to be freezing, but the delicious seafood will keep your current belly full as well as happy.

Portland arrives alive with breaking beer festivals, maqui berry farmers markets, funky songs and people whizzing about on their bikes. There is plenty of parties to be enjoyed in cabins as well. Happy days! ’

Sydney Australia

Portland Or, USA, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020 Sydney Australia, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

Australians are known for being pleasant, so enjoy a few smiling faces when you are down under to Questionnaire. Catch a ferry during rush hours to meet locals or even enjoy a night time drink – that is right, booze luxury cruise it up! In This summer Sydney hosts basic weather (for Australia) so you can enjoy Sydney’s beauty with a little bit less of the warmth.



Namibia, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

Aug is the perfect 30 days to explore Namibia because it’s the dried out season! Animals are going to be gathering around streams and waterholes, which makes it more likely for you to place animals on safaris. Clear skies excellent star looking too! Namibia will be exhilarating and bold, without being dangerous. The actual hostels are very helpful and full of many individuals to meet – and also Namibia has a tranquility about it that you may not really find in some other African countries. Who is ready for a firefox?!

Buenos Aires Spain

Enjoy friendly individuals, a hopping nightlife, and tons of tradition when you take your journey alone to Mejores Aires. Take a trip of the city or perhaps sit down next to the stranger at the pub – either way, you will end up with new buddies. Enjoy “winter” inside Buenos Aires along with temperatures around a slight 50 degrees Temperature while avoiding visitors and high costs.


Cinque Terre Italy

Cinque Terre Italy, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

I required a cruise across the Mediterranean Sea with Little princess Cruises and found this absolute elegance along the way! Yes, …it has become increasingly popular, but arriving early in the morning, or even choosing to walk your way through each of the villages, will save you through seeing all the travelers at once.

The local people are incredibly sweet right here and you’ll feel at ease as a solo feminine walking through as well as exploring all the inlets of each village. Simply look at these colors! Beautiful isn’t this!

Dublin Ireland

Dublin Ireland, Very Best Solo Female Vacation Destinations 2020

Venturing alone in Dublin never ends in isolation, as this city is stuffed with friendly Irish people and travelers in abundance. September in Dublin ensures great weather conditions and avoiding a lot of tourists too!

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