Best Makeup 2020

January 19, 2020 | Makeup Tips

Everything in the world is a periodic cycle; like a boomerang. So trends keep returning periodically. Then be it social trends, fashion trends or the trends in makeup. The trends that were followed in 2020 were more or less cyclic. The old trends were back in action in a reinvented avatar. Some of the best makeup 2020 trends were

Best Makeup 2020

Bright colors on the eyes are clear winners: The international runway saw designers experimenting with eye catching colors and strong and eye-popping combinations in 2020. These shades were in great demand during the Spring 2020 season. Contrasts like blue or purples with pinks, or yellow with pink, blacks with pinks took the centre stage and captivated attention of many onlookers. This season, saw contrasts on your eyes and made the heads turn in envy.

The Disco is back! : The year 2020 brought the disco look back with a bang. With metallic shades ruling the makeup scene, many international designers went in for this look that was a show stealer on the international ramp. Glitter, shimmer and dark shades like grey, copper and silvers are the shades of the season. Now you can opt for these shades while partying out and see the effect on everyone yourself!

Roses are blooming on the cheeks: This season, the rosy glow of the cheeks steal the limelight as many a designers aimed this trend universally. The pink cheeks and the natural glow on them highlighted many fashion shows in the international fashion seasons. Hues of pinks, apricots and bronzes comprised the highlight points of the events and earned awestruck stares.

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Brow attack: Highlighted eyebrows are the ‘in’ thing this season. These are seen in trend on many red carpet event and runways. The eyebrows that are highlighted bring all the attention towards the eyes and give your brows and face a defined looks. The dark eyebrows provide a contrast to the eye-shadows that you use.

Go nude: Pretty faces rejoiced this season, as the nude makeup look took the centre-stage. The’ no-makeup’ look promoted the inner glow and the natural radiance of the face. The minimalist look needs a good skin and even complexion as the base. So even out your complexion with a hint of tinted powders this season, and go minimalistic with a little color on the cheeks or lips.

‘Opposites’ is the new word: In 2020, makeup trends saw extremes as smoky eyes and nude eyes went hand-in-hand as the hottest trends for the year. Or as vampire lips and angelic lips were the star of the year. The smoky eyes made a dashing comeback, so did the ‘no-makeup’ eyes. Foe smoky eyes, no false eyelashes were used; instead, an illusion for these was created by blending the eye-shadows nicely in the corners.

The skin is shining ‘oh-so-bright!’: 2020 welcomed a trend of shimmery and shiny body skin. This effect was loved by many designers and was achieved with the help of highlighter. Pale skin adorned with this highlighter can make the skin look stunning with the makeup and can catch attention easily.

Many different makeup styles and trends were experimented with, this season by many designers. We also saw extremes in makeup going together. These surely were the best makeup 2020 trends!

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