Avril Lavigne Eye Makeup Tips and Tutorial : How To Do Avril Lavigne Eye Makeup

Gold and Smoky Grey

Avril Lavigne Eye Makeup


In a unique departure from the smoky eye that very dark, Avril Lavigne makeup appears here in a Golden Eye and smoky gray. The gray accentuates her eyes and the shadow of gold draws attention to her beautiful dress.

To get the look, apply a shadow shimmering gold eye on internal eye corners and align the eyes up and down with a liner or dark gray shade. Apply a light gray shade just outside where you have the eye line and mix well.

Hot and Cold Smoky Makeup

Avril Lavigne Eye Makeup

In eye makeup Avril look here, it uses a hot smoked eye in conjunction with a touch of silver to highlight its beautiful glazed eyes.

To copy this look, create a smoky look using a black-brown coat and a silver shadow on the inner corners of the eye.

Bold Makeup Punk orange eyes

Avril Lavigne Eye Makeup

The starting April from a black eye is not least attract attention. A bold punk look with orange and brown makes her clear eyes really stand out.

To achieve this eye makeup style, apply orange red or orange on the upper eyelid in the hollow and stir slightly outward. Apply eyeliner under the eye and brown smudge. Line up and down the eyes with a thin black eyeliner line, and finish with black mascara.

Darkest Smoky Eye

Avril Lavigne Eye Makeup

April is going all out with the classic smoky eye in a dark color and a dark look electrifying.

If you are considering this appearance, you’ll need a high quality, long lasting black eye shadow or pigment. Use an eye primer in advance to keep the dark color from fading. Apply eyeshadow on the top and bottom of eye, then line both upper and lower eye (including the water line) with lots of black Kohl. Finish with several coats of jet black mascara.

Natural Makeup Eye

Its light makeup here shows that the eyes of April are as beautiful without much makeup. This is a great look for everyday use.

To achieve this, apply a dark flesh color on the cover above. Then apply a medium brown or purple purple pink-purple eyeliner under the eye and smudge. Finish it by applying 1 or 2 coats of black-brown mascara.

considering this appearance , you’ll need a high quality, long lasting Here we see a young April favors dark eye makeup, but the look is more refined than smoky.

Nude shade and a dark gray-black eyeliner applied in a thin line (make sure that the point is sharp) can help you achieve this look makeup.

Get a look from Avril Lavigne eye makeup

To mimic the hairstyles and makeup Avril Lavigne, remember you will usually need to go light on the cheeks and lips color. April uses more natural tones, nude or pink blush and lipstick or gloss to allow their eyes to the scene.

Avril Lavigne eye makeup can be a great source of inspiration, but always true to yourself and your own personality to let your natural beauty shine through.

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