6 Places You Must Not Miss When Exploring St. Lucia

Are you ready to jump on that plane and head out to the Caribbean for an all out beach adventure? One of the best places you can explore is St. Lucia. The geography of St. Lucia makes it one of the best locations for a resort holiday. In fact there are several world class resorts in St. Lucia which in themselves are attractions for tourists.

6 Places You Must Not Miss When Exploring St. Lucia

When exploring St. Lucia, take note of these things that you must do or not miss out on.

1. Don’t Miss Out on Sulphur Spring Park

Located near Soufriere, this Sulphur Spring Park is one of St. Lucia’s major attractions. Best observed from a distance, you’ll get to see pools of steaming water. Because of an unfortunate accident with a local tour guide, extra precaution was taken to prevent tourists from standing oin the edge.

2. Enjoy the Clear Blue Waters of Marigot Bay

6 Places You Must Not Miss When Exploring St. Lucia

An all inclusive holidays St. Lucia includes a visit to Marigot Bay. This is one of the most popular if not the most beautiful beach in St. Lucia. One of Marigot Bay’s attractions is its sand bar. If you want to just stay here, there are plenty of affordable accommodations to choose from.

3. Take a Picture of the Piton

This is one of the most popular natural landmarks of St. Lucia. Be at awe of the majestic mountain structures butting out of the calm silent ocean. There are 2 Pitons that will strike a beat in the heart of tourists, the Gros Piton and Petit Piton. These cone-shaped mountains stand stoically in Soufriere.

4. Take a Bath at Diamond Mineral Baths

Located not far from the Sulphur Springs, the Diamond Mineral Baths located in the vicinity of the Diamond Botanical Gardens is an ideal place to visit because of its alleged healing properties. In fact, during the reign of Louis XVI, French soldiers visit this place and gave themselves a bath for its alleged healing properties. Visiting this place will cost you a couple of dollars but the rewards are amazing.

6 Places You Must Not Miss When Exploring St. Lucia

5. Commune with the Ocean at Grand Anse

This is one of the most treasured beaches in St. Lucia. In fact, the beach is so well preserved that it’s even home to some endemic species of sea turtles as well as several species of rare birds. When visiting this place you will be compelled to break a sweat since the terrain going there can be pretty much a challenge to traverse; but the reward is amazing.

6. Try Some Local Fruit

Other than tourist, St. Lucia’s economy thrives in fruit production. Just for this reason, it’s imperative that you try some of the locally grown fruits of St. Lucia. Possibly, you can make a stopover at Fond Doux Plantation where they grow one of St. Lucia’s popular crops, the cocoa.

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There are still lots of places to see and things to do when exploring St. Lucia. What’s important is you plan everything according to your budget to prevent any surprises during your all inclusive holidays St. Lucia.

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