5 Ways To Make Sure Your Holiday Is Stress-free

September 6, 2019 | Travel Tips

Holidays often come along only once a year, at the most, for some people, so it’s understandable why it can become so stressful trying to plan it perfectly. To help get you out of this mindset, below are 5 ways to make sure your next holiday is more blissful than stressful.

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Holiday Is Stress-free

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Holiday Is Stress-free

1. Sturdy Luggage

Your luggage will carry your life for the entirety of your trip, so it’s important to have something that is actually going to last the distance. Paying a visit to a large store such as Luggage Direct is the best way to see what’s out there. Consider something with lots of compartments for separating items like shoes, toiletries, and clothes, and even spend a little bit more to get luggage made from a durable material that is going to survive outdoor elements, staircases, bus rides, and dirt tracks – you may cover it all!

2. Pre-book

You don’t have to pre-book everything, but it doesn’t hurt to have the major components of your trip sorted before you leave the house. Plane tickets or rental car hire is certainly a must, as you risk paying higher fees if you book too late. Accommodation is also better pre-booked as there is nothing worse than wandering around for hours trying to find somewhere to stay. Larger tours should also be booked well in advance, otherwise, you are guaranteed to miss out.

3. Know Your Location

When traveling to a new location, whether it’s still in your home country or not, it can be an incredibly daunting experience. To overcome this unnecessary stress, research your destination thoroughly, and buy maps or set up a GPS on your phone. Also, gain a clear understanding of where your accommodation is in relation to tourist sites and public transport. That way if you do get lost, you can look for a street or icon to put you back on track.

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4. Include Free Time

The holiday schedule can be pretty full-on, and this can become stressful in its own right. Even if your holiday involves a lot of tours, schedule in a few days for yourself. Use this free time to clear your head and actually appreciate your surroundings. Just having a few days of doing nothing scattered throughout your trip will make your holiday that much more enjoyable and will refuel you for your next outing.

5. Have a Back-up Plan

You don’t ever want to imagine something going wrong while on vacation, but unfortunately, it happens. To avoid this stress, have a back-up plan for everything. Taking out travel insurance is a good place to start, so your health, belongings, and money spent are covered. Also, pack spare credit cards and document copies in your luggage, and try having some alternate day-trips planned if the weather becomes an issue.

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Holidays are stressful as there is an enormous amount of planning and money spent on creating this new experience. So even though the stress might be unavoidable in the lead-up, once you finally get away, remember the simple fact that you are actually on holidays. Relax, enjoy, and appreciate the effort you’ve put in to get yourself there.

What have been some of your most stressful holiday experiences? Discuss your answers below.


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