5 Reasons To Visit Varadero

Summer is on the horizon and the heat of the sun will rage on. In instances like this, it’s highly recommended to hit the beach. What best place to enjoy the scorching heat of the sun than to visit one of the largest beach destinations in the world, Varadero, Cuba.

When you see Varadero in the map, it’s surrounded by amazing body of water. No wonder it’s known to be the resort town in amazing Cuba. If you’re still hesitant to explore Varadero, here are the best reasons that can convince you to book that flight and enjoy the experience of Varadero holidays.

5 Reasons To Visit Varadero

1. Beach Exploration

5 Reasons To Visit Varadero

Varadero won’t be what it is without hitting the beach. In totality, Varadero has 20 kilometers of fine white sand. You can idly let the day pass by as you lounge on the beach and enjoy a couple of brews. If you’re traveling with kids, be sure to watch out for them because the waves of the beach can be pretty rough sometimes.

2. Get into Some Serious Diving

Considering its geographical location, Varadero holidays are not complete without getting into some serious diving experience. There are many diving centers in Varadero. These diving centers provide inclusive trips to Varadero’s best diving site like the Cueva Saturno and Playa Coral. Take note of the disparity of prices and services. Some diving centers charge CUC$55/75 maximum of 2 dives.

3. Explore the Caves

Explore the Caves varadero

If there’s one thing Varadero is known for other than its fine beaches, then it’s its famous caves. There are several caves in Varadero. If you’re into cultural practices of the old civilization, head out to Ambrosio Cave or Musulmanes Cave. Ambrosio was once a ceremonial site and Musulmanes a dwelling site during the pre-Columbian era.

If you want to see local fauna and minor rock formations then you must visit Santa Catalina Cave. You can reach this cave when you visit Predios de Camarioca just along the Mantanzas Varadero highway.

One of the most visited caves in all of Varadero is the Bellamar Caves. What attracts tourists to this infamous cave are the stalactites, carsick crystals, and stalagmites. Discovered way back in 1861, the Bellamar Cave is now considered one of Varadero’s natural landmarks.

Nothing upgrades a tourists swimming experience than a dip into the cold waters of Saturno Cave. In fact, Saturno Cave is one of the recommended diving sites when visiting Varadero.


4. Try the Liquor of Casa del Ron

If you want to get some souvenirs from Varadero then buying a bottle of rum or even 2 at Casa del Ron (House of Rum) is a must-try. It’s here where you can buy the best selection of rum in Varadero.

5. Swim with the Dolphins at Delfinario

Swim with the Dolphins at Delfinario

If you’re traveling with kids to Varadero then this is a must-see attraction. Your kids will surely love to swim with the dolphins and even admire a dolphin show. You can reach Delfinario at Punta Hicacos Natural Park.

These are just a few of the best reasons to experience Varadero holidays.

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