5 Mistakes Tourists Make In African Safari

Excited much to meet the amazing creatures of the African Safari? Want to experience close encounters with the four-legged kinds? Well, this is your chance because African Safari tour packages are being offered here and there under affordable prices.

 5 Mistakes Tourists Make In African Safari

Before you book that African Safari Holidays you so want, you should take note of the things that tourists should not do when going on the African Safari Holidays.

5 Mistakes tourists

 5 Mistakes Tourists Make In African Safari

1. Forget to Take Anti-Malaria Drugs

In as much as the beauty of Africa is breathtaking, reality kicks in that there are certain places in Africa that are attacked by Malaria. If you don’t to fall victim to these dreadful mosquitoes while on a holiday in a foreign country, make sure that you take anti-malaria drugs or even take with you anti-mosquito bite lotions.

2. White and Dirt Don’t Match

If white is your favorite color and you wear it in ever places that you go to then take that white color fixation on vacation mode. When you go on African Safari Holidays, the highlight of your tour is to visit safari parks. Hence, you get to enjoy riding in Jeeps along the amazing fields of the Safari, which means you get to overcome the dust challenges and dirt road. This is a small price to pay considering the experience you’ll get in having close encounters with amazing animals. If you don’t want laundry problems, avoid wearing white.

3. Don’t Be the Tour Guide

Everybody loves distinction amongst the crowd. So if you want to vocally share to other participants about how great your previous Safari experience was, zip it up because there’s such thing as tour etiquette.

Participants of the tour paid good money, just like you, to enjoy a moment of peace with the landscape. Unless your opinion is called for, don’t voluntarily take the role of a tour guide.

4. Avoid Being the Fast Food Source

As much as possible, leave the animals in their natural situation; meaning, don’t tempt them to eat from your Jeep. As much as they are adorable to hug and pet, these animals are wild. If tourists feed them, these animals will develop a penchant of associating tourists for food. Hence, there is a possibility that they will attack tourists and get the food out of their Jeeps. These wild and majestic animals are meant to be appreciated from afar.

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5. Take the Shot and Not Be the Shot

Do you know the modern-day term cam-whore? Well, it refers to a person who can’t stop taking pictures to the point of being exasperating to others. Everybody participating in the African Safari Holidays wants to take that perfect shot of that elusive tiger, so don’t take up too much space from other people on the tour. There are a time and place for everything. If you’re doing selfie, don’t bother the person next beside you, unless it’s your relative. Also, avoid editing your cameras while on tour because you might miss some amazing shot you’ll never be able to capture again.

 5 Mistakes Tourists Make In African Safari

These are just some of the common mistakes that tourists make when enjoying the African Safari Holidays.

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