US government action plan on children in adversity is one of the most beautiful and bold step taken by the US government towards the welfare of young children. It aims at providing the children the opportunity to grow within the shadow of family care and free from hardship and other factors that prevents child’s full growth such as diseases trafficking child labor etc.

The plan is established under the collusion of 7 government departments and agencies namely Department of Defense, Agriculture, Health and Human service Department, Department for Labor and State, US agency for international development, Department of Peace Corps.

The plan is based on the idea that the nations with firm child development, stands good among other countries.

The Action Plan On children in adversity has 3 primary objectives and has 3

additional supportive objectives. The following section tries to explain both the primary objectives and supportive objectives in brief.

government action plans for children welfare


1-  Build Strong Beginnings

This plan strengthens the base of the child it is based on the fact that if their base is made strong by providing nutrition and health to the children below the age of 5 the final product that is the children will be productive and sharp and the ultimately the country will build a strong base. So that the country will have young talents.

2-  Put Family Care First

This objective focuses and will assists over the families to develop their children by following several well documented rules and guidelines. under this the government has focused over ideal parenting. The most influencing character that children sees in their life is their family. The family is the one that molds and shapes the child. Therefore, assisting the family will be a better idea to shape the children.

3-  Protect Children

Under this objective the government aims to protect the children from exploitation and violence.

The following are the supportive Objectives set by the US government :

1-Strengthen Child Welfare and Protection Systems

As the name suggests this plan focuses over child welfare and their protection.

2- Promote Evidence-Based Policies and Programs

Under this the government focuses on building a strong evidence base for helping vulnerable children and for helping them.

3- Integrate this Plan within U. S. Government Departments and Agencies

Under this the government tries to attach this initiative with other departments to better help and coordination.

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