Stylish Shower for your bathroom

Actually first thing that strikes our mind is that what is shower? And why we use it?  A tool that creates an environment of raining in our bathroom is called shower. We use it when we want to bath in rain. Stylish shower heads gives a decent look to your bathroom and it feels good to the owner. Everyone should try the stylish shower heads.

stylish shower heads

Stylish Shower Heads

Today different types of showers are available in the market like handheld shower heads, dual head shower heads, showers with lighting, shower with high water pressure. So we have to choose one which is best for us.

Dual Shower Heads

These shower heads have 2 heads we can use both for bath. Most of the people love buy it because they want to use one head for the lower parts and one for the upper parts.

Shower with Lighting

These shower heads mostly loved by children because they gives lightning when water flows from it. They provide different light for hot water and different light for cold water. Children love to see the light on them and bath daily. Yeah, if your child do not bath much then you should use them.

Handheld shower Heads

These shower heads are also one of the loving showers. You can use them with your hands and can focus on parts you like. So many people love these showers because they are detachable.

High Pressure Shower Heads

Who loves the speedy water or speedy rain then you should use it definitely. It gives you high pressure water as you want. Flow of water depends on the company you are buying.


This is also a part of choosing showers, before buying you should also check in which pattern they give water.This room shows precisely how important an impact your floors can have. The layout helps you to specify the shower area and adds lots of character. Wall tiles include, and select out the tones of this flooring, also a luxury. A mirror at one end is terrific for making the space feel bigger than it is and reflecting light.

So We have shared they ways that how will you select the stylish shower heads for your bathroom.



Most Popular Reality Shows in the world

Reality shows are getting limelight all around the world these days. Reality shows that are famous these days ranges from the topics like Talent shows to crime solving shows and the list comprises all-time favorite comedy shows, others are the dance shows and singing reality shows. These days people are loving kitchen based shows and the internet is filled with shows as per the demands. Down below the article we present you certain shows that are in limelight these days.

reality shows



Dancing stars ranks first in the list. The reality show is under fire these days. People are preferring it more than other shows. The show even live streams its show through variety of websites.


Real housewives of Atlanta is the reality show that ranks second in our list of top Reality shows. The show deals with the story of certain housewives and their real-life affairs and deeds.


RuPaul’s Drag Race ranks third in our list. The show focuses over RUPAUL who is in the search of next drag superstar. He is the judge host, mentor of the show. The show has come in various series. In this show RuPaul gives different tasks to its contestants every week. The show has now gained popularity among people.


The amazing race ranks third in our list. It’s a show in which two people race around the world competing with other teams. The show supports elimination rounds and variety of other themes. GO and give a watch to it.


You could have heard about this show. The show is broadcasted in various countries. So, you think you can dance ranks fifth in this list. The show is based on dance competition in which different teams performs to get to the finals and ultimately winning the show.

Tv Shows

Most Liked Characters of GOT Season 7 ( According to Power)

Going into Season 7 the balance Power has been completely shaken. The North has changed hands, Daenerys has blasted for Westeros, and Cersei’s maintained the Iron Throne despite having apparently little right to do this (laws of succession do not matter when you have, ah yes, power to take it anyway). We’re heading towards the endgame, which means things are shaking up.

5.Olenna Tyrell

Olenna Tyrell – played spikiness from Diana Rigg – is One of those verbal warriors of with characters capable of going toe-to-toe in a war of words with her, Game of Thrones.

But, There’s a whole lot more to the mind of the Tyrell family beyond having wit. She is with no people realising she’s been playing a remarkably shrewd operator that wins the gamewith.

Her home’s Heading to Season 7 she holds a great deal of power, although lineage has effectively been destroyed, so her prospects aren’t great. The Tyrells have a huge military and among the strongest fleets in the world, are super wealthy, and have control of the Reach, a vital area of Westeros. Olenna has given her support to Daenerys Targaryen, and is hellbent on revenge against Cersei.

That said, Though, as opposed to some other people whose power in Westeros will reside because of their affiliation with Dany – even Tyrion, given his own standing in the Seven Kingdoms is sand – Olenna can stand apart; she desires Daenerys, but Daenerys will also need her, and that helps her create the record ahead of the likes of Tyrion and Varys.

4. Bran Stark

Bran Stark is another whose electricity is Difficult to calculate Since there remains a lot unknown about just how much he wields.

He’s Been on one hell of a trip in the last few years – even though part of the involved sitting outside an whole year – and under the tutelage of this Raven we’ve witnessed his power increase exponentially.

Wargs Aren’t so rare that just being one could earn you a place among the most effective characters, but Bran was able to warg into another person and completely control his actions – okay, it is Hodor, but nevertheless impressive, and much more so if we learn the true extent of their relationship (if also catastrophic).

Bran is a warg. 1 person in a 1 warg in a thousand can be a greenseer, which reveals how Bran is, although million could be a warg. He’s in a position to have dreams of yesteryear, which gives him knowledge to influence his decisions, and can quite possibly see the future. He is also able to interact with the past, which may have – and indeed might – a significant effect on Westeros.

The powers of Bran could hold the Secret to saving Westeros, however, he could also be the one who kicks off its downfall when he moves through the Wall.

3. Jon Snow

john snow

Among the main personalities of this saga has more than earned That billing over the course of the last six seasons, going to Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch from bastard son of Ned Stark to King in the North.

Along the way he has established his credentials as a Respected leader in conflict, earning the respect of his fellow brothers, the Northerners, as well as the Wildlings,

Furthermore, from his Into vanquishing a White Walker training in the hands of Rodrik Cassel, he’s established himself as the greatest warrior currently residing in Westeros.

He holds the key And has a military made up of the best of the North and fierce Wildlings. It may not be the greatest but it is going to be among the most loyal. He may not be the most tactically astute commander (or rather, he too often goes with his soul), but together with the increasingly powerful and politcally informed Sansa with his side (assuming she finally chooses him over Littlefinger), along with the likes of Davos and Tormund, it is something he could defeat.

As well as being the guy To hold the North, he is possibly much more besides. As supported in Season 6 he is, which makes a potential alliance with Daenerys more likely. He is also the only key leader to comprehend the danger that lies Beyond-the-Wall, and consequently will have a role to play in saving Westeros from it.

2. Cersei Lannister

After spending so much of her life around the Iron Throne, be it as Cersei Lannister, mom or wife took it for herself. The conversation over whether or not she’s the rightful ruler doesn’t actually matter too much in this point – though will undoubtedly be brought to question when Daenerys arrives – because, well, Robert Baratheon chose the Throne by force anyhow, and nobody seems to be quitting Cersei.

She’ll No doubt catch her comeuppance by the end of Season 7, but until then she’s the Queen of the Andals and the First Men and all that jazz, which automatically matches her in a situation of actual (in case diminishing) power.

The Lannister army does not have under Tywin, and is lacking in allies, but it’s nonetheless a formidable force. Plus she has the walls of King’s Landing, the City Watch, maybe a fair bit of wildfire, not to mention the Mountain to help shield her / do her bidding (see: killing), which puts her in a position of significant strength.

A union that is Possible would Only fortify this, with (as mentioned) Euron a potentially fantastic match: two good houses, he has actual power in Westeros, she takes control of an incredible fleet, and you’ve got two mad and powerful rulers for the price of one.

  1. Daenerys Targaryen

After six seasons of waiting and wondering, Daenerys Targaryen has Finally set sail for Westeros, to maintain what is hers with flame and blood. Accompanying her on this mission is the combined might of two great houses – Martell and Tyrell – the latter of which in particular has a massive military and fantastic riches, and a few thousand Unsullied (originally 8000, but with a few losses because), and Dothraki obtained from various khalasars that could number upwards 100,000 fighting men.

That’s Frankly ridiculous, providing her an army no one in Westeros can match in size, plus a combination of distinct styles. It’s still a massive advantage, and she could probably do with more boats although making them all work as a unit might establish a sticking point.

Subsequently There is her allies, which include the game is played and Tyrion, Varys, and Olenna, three characters who understand Westeros as well as anyone in the world. Both in particular are getting things done, which will aid her birth and capable of great influence.

Daenerys is the long-missing, presumed-dead Targaryen With a strong claim to the Iron Throne (eventhough it’s unclear how Westeros will react to her), and near ties (even though she does not understand it) into the King in the North. A key figure in the saga and now, the most powerful.


Interesting Facts From the Best Countries

Norway jumped three spots and Displaced three-time winner Denmark to select the title of “world’s Happiest country” for the very first time.
Denmark has won the title three of the four times the report was issued, while Switzerland has won the title just once.
The United States came in 14th place, dropping one place from this past year.
Germany Came in 16th spot for the second calendar year, while the United Kingdom moved place.

Beautiful Facts about countries

Happiness is many things

Happiness isn’t just about money, though it’s part of it.
Real gross domestic product per capita is among the vital measurements, said the report.
Others On, perceived freedom to generate life choices and freedom from corruption,
They Fantastic government, health, income and poverty separately. well-being,”
“As Demonstrated by many nations, this report gives evidence that Happiness is a consequence of producing strong social foundations. It’s time To develop social trust and healthful lives, not guns or walls. Let’s hold Our leaders to this actuality.”
CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores the science of happiness.

Not just about the money

Norway Rose to the peak of the rankings despite declines in oil prices, demonstrating that what countries do with their money — not just the increase in finances — matters.
“it is a remarkable case in point,” said report co-editor John Helliwell of the University of British Columbia.
“By Opting to generate oil deliberately and investing the proceeds for the benefit of future generations, Norway has protected itself from the Volatile ups and downs of a number of other oil-rich economies.”
“This Focus on the future within the current is made simpler by elevated levels Of mutual trust, shared goal, generosity and decent governance,” added Helliwell, Who’s also co-director of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.
“All of them are found in Norway, in addition to in the other top nations.”
17 trips that may change your life.

Happiness on the job

This year’s report also focused on happiness at work.
“People Tend to devote the vast majority of their lives working, therefore it’s crucial to understand the role that employment and unemployment play in shaping Happiness,” explained Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, a professor at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School.
“The research reveals that happiness differs considerably across employment status, job type, and industry sectors.”
De Neve, who co-authored the report’s chapter on happiness at work, added That people in well-paid roles are happier, but money is just one predictive measure of happiness.
“Work-life balance, job variety and the amount of autonomy are other vital drivers,” explained De Neve.
“There Is a very clear distinction in happiness between white and blue collar jobs with managers or professionals evaluating the quality of their lives at a much higher level than those in manual labor jobs even controlling for any possible confounding factors.”
The report focused on other elements affecting happiness.
“In rich countries the biggest single cause of misery is mental illness,” said Professor Richard Layard, director of the Wellbeing Programme at the London School of Economics’ Centre for Economic Performance.

The birth of ‘Gross National Happiness’

Credit Goes to the small country of Bhutan for shining a light on happiness. Its prime minister first proposed a World Happiness Day to the United Nations in 2011 and launched an global center on happiness.
The U.N. General Assembly announced March 20 as World Happiness Day at 2012, recognizing “happiness and well-being as universal objectives and aspirations in the lives of human beings across the globe.”
The First of five World Happiness Reports was initially released in April 2012 In combination with this U.N. High Level Meeting on pleasure and well-being. Since 2012, many governments and governmental organizations have made well-being or happiness a priority.
In February, the United Arab Emirates held a full-day World Happiness meeting. There was World Happiness Summit in Miami on March 17-19, while Erasmus University in Rotterdam is hosting three-day meeting on happiness research and policy starting Monday.




US government action plan on children in adversity is one of the most beautiful and bold step taken by the US government towards the welfare of young children. It aims at providing the children the opportunity to grow within the shadow of family care and free from hardship and other factors that prevents child’s full growth such as diseases trafficking child labor etc.

The plan is established under the collusion of 7 government departments and agencies namely Department of Defense, Agriculture, Health and Human service Department, Department for Labor and State, US agency for international development, Department of Peace Corps.

The plan is based on the idea that the nations with firm child development, stands good among other countries.

The Action Plan On children in adversity has 3 primary objectives and has 3

additional supportive objectives. The following section tries to explain both the primary objectives and supportive objectives in brief.

government action plans for children welfare


1-  Build Strong Beginnings

This plan strengthens the base of the child it is based on the fact that if their base is made strong by providing nutrition and health to the children below the age of 5 the final product that is the children will be productive and sharp and the ultimately the country will build a strong base. So that the country will have young talents.

2-  Put Family Care First

This objective focuses and will assists over the families to develop their children by following several well documented rules and guidelines. under this the government has focused over ideal parenting. The most influencing character that children sees in their life is their family. The family is the one that molds and shapes the child. Therefore, assisting the family will be a better idea to shape the children.

3-  Protect Children

Under this objective the government aims to protect the children from exploitation and violence.

The following are the supportive Objectives set by the US government :

1-Strengthen Child Welfare and Protection Systems

As the name suggests this plan focuses over child welfare and their protection.

2- Promote Evidence-Based Policies and Programs

Under this the government focuses on building a strong evidence base for helping vulnerable children and for helping them.

3- Integrate this Plan within U. S. Government Departments and Agencies

Under this the government tries to attach this initiative with other departments to better help and coordination.

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